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Published on August 3, 2023
Last modified on August 4, 2023
USB External Hard Drive Mount

A recent computer hardware failure forced me to mount a hard drive via docking station to USB. However, every time I tried to introduce another USB drive, the drive mounted via the docking station disconnected. Here is the solution to this problem.

Published on June 7, 2019
Last modified on July 5, 2019

Some Linux users may not be able to find RPMFusions' repos to add to their config. Here is the reason and a solution to this issue.

Published on November 21, 2018
Last modified on July 5, 2019
Apache 2.4

Setting up and hosting multiple websites on an Apache webserver can be tedious. Here is a way to streamline the process of hosting multiple websites.

Published on November 11, 2018
Last modified on April 27, 2020
PHP Logo

Here is an instructional 'how-to' on how to create a customised OpenSSL and cURL build, for use in building a legacy PHP installation.