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Published on July 19, 2020
Last modified on July 19, 2020
SIGRed - A Windows DNS Server Vulnerability

The SIGRed vulnerability can spread malware across a network without user interaction. Microsoft has released an urgent patch.

Published on September 8, 2016
Last modified on July 5, 2019
What is TSIG - Transaction SIGnature?

This article details how to secure a Slave Bind 9.x server, where the Slave is set up to accept zone transfers from the Master Bind 9.x server using TSIG. For context, read my original article "Using TSIG to enable secure Zone Transfers between Bind 9.x servers".

Published on September 8, 2016
Last modified on May 2, 2022
Bind 9.x

This knowledgebase article details the process for disabling IPv6 name resolution through a Bind 9.x server. If you don't have a requirement for IPv6 name resolution in your network, then this is for you.

Published on July 29, 2016
Last modified on August 1, 2018
What is TSIG - Transaction SIGnature?

This knowledgebase article is a short guide to setting up Transaction SIGnatures (TSIG) based transaction security using Bind 9.x . It describes changes to the configuration file as well as what changes are requires for different features, including the process of creating transaction keys and using transaction signatures with